The firm provides market research services aimed at assessing the likelihood of success of the development of information databases on the real estate market in Uganda. Services include, trend surveys, market surveys for specific objectives, viability and feasibility studies.

Real estate generally refers to land including all attributes and improvements permanently attached to the land. Examples of real estate include land, houses, office buildings, stores and factories. From the perspective of real estate or property types you have both residential (where one lives) and commercial (such as a business).

Everyone has heard the adage, “location, location, location” as this is a big piece in determining real estate value. A better location can often mean a higher purchase price or rental fee, and this applies not only to businesses but to residential areas as well. For those not looking to purchase, real estate can also refer to the renting or leasing of property. This is especially true for businesses looking for space in an established area where they may not wish to purchase or the option simply doesn’t exist.

Real Estate in its broadest sense has many facts, it can encompass agents and brokers who help both buyers and sellers as well as mortgage and finance companies who work with individuals by establishing a payment plan.