Property Letting and Management

Bageine & Company Limited pioneered the  provision of  Property Letting   and   Management services  for commercial, residential and  industrial properties in Uganda in 1991 and continues to provide high quality professional services to  a myriad of clients ranging from  public  institutions, large  corporate companies and  several individuals both local  and  international across the  country.

Our services are  designed to ensure that  our  clients earn  the  best out of the  capital they  have  invested in the properties they own throughout the economic life of these properties while relieving them of the hassles and  costs involved in managing and  maintaining the properties.

This  allows   them to  focus  on  their core  business/ competencies as  well  as  enjoy  the  convenience of having one   party to  deal   with  in  management of the  property as  opposed to  having to  deal  with  a multitude of tennants if he/she were to manage the property directly.